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Free Clearing Help and Advice
Tue 16 Aug 2016
Our friends at provide a free Clearing and A-level Results Guide
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Tips to surviving your first semester at university
Thu 12 May 2016
Starting something new is never easy. Here are a few tips to surviving your first couple of months at university.
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5 Areas You Could Be Saving Money On!
Fri 29 Apr 2016
Essential money saving techniques, how to make the most of your Student Loan and have fun all along the way! By Jonathan Donaghy
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Life and study in London
Tue 19 Apr 2016
Life and study in London By Katherine Mendoza The great capital of Europe, London, may seem to be a daunting destination for some first year students. But fear not, all that this city has to offer will wash away all doubts and fears from your mind.
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How to find scholarships, grants and bursaries for university
Fri 11 Dec 2015
Don’t forget to think about what scholarships, grants and bursaries you might be eligible for.
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Apply for University
Tue 27 Oct 2015
Nour Bahgat,a student at UCL, provides us with quick and simple advice about making the right choices when applying for university.
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University Salary Prospects
Fri 10 Jul 2015
Students can now check long-term career and salary prospects before making decisions.
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Guide to University Funding
Thu 14 May 2015
Rebecca Watson gives a brief guide to university funding, from Student Finance to money saving.
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The conundrum of choosing a degree
Wed 29 Apr 2015
Amric Sangha says choosing a university degree is more difficult than it seems...or is it?
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Making the Most Out of Open Days
Mon 06 Apr 2015
Vital advice about open days and how to get the most out of them.
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Getting As Much As Possible From Open Days
Fri 06 Mar 2015
This article gives you some guidance on how to best use open days to help narrow down your university choices.
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